Matrikon OPC UA Proxy

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Matrikon UA Proxy enables classic OPC based client applications to connect with OPC Unified Architecture (UA) servers running on PCs and embedded directly on UA enabled devices. This allows users to integrate UA enabled products into their existing OPC classic infrastructures.

Matrikon UA Proxy provides the easiest all-around user experience when it comes to searching for, selecting, and connecting to UA servers. Providing secure communication, it also eliminates DCOM, as the OPC UA Proxy is installed local to the OPC Client.


  • Streamlined setup gets you connected in minutes.
  • Easy to use, the smart defaults require minimal user knowledge of OPC UA
  • Does not disrupt existing OPC Classic architecture
  • Eliminates traditional DCOM or firewall issues
  • Operates on a Windows system server
  • Provides real time data
  • Supports UA security

The Matrikon UA Proxy is the bridge that enables OPC classic clients to seamlessly communicate with OPC UA servers. The Matrikon UA Proxy and UA Wrapper are key components used to facilitate a company’s classic-OPC-to-UA migration strategy, allowing gradual adoption of new OPC UA based technologies.

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MatrikonOPC UA Proxy

Matrikon OPC UA Proxy Datasheet
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